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Mrs. Nazli K
Mrs. Nazli K Entrepreneur | Business Consultant | Motorbike Stunt Rider
Founder & CEO of Breethink & Breethink School of Designing , Co-founder & Managing Director of Feza Institute.

Nazli K is a young entrepreneur, interior designer & business consultant who aims to offer quality education to design enthusiasts & cater to the needs of clients by helping them with best-level storytelling, digital marketing and branding solutions. She specializes in working with high growth companies including influencers, professional service providers, ecommerce companies, and big brands.

In 2018, Nazli started her career in the marketing and branding industry with a handful of freelance marketing assignments where she bagged opportunities to close major corporate clients. She acquired ample experience by dealing with various clients from multiple backgrounds. Eventually, In 2019, she founded her dream project Breethink. Breethink is a Kerala-based marketing & branding organization which is engaged in offering top-notch services and managing brands for multiple channels. Breethink has been soaring up in the branding and marketing industry due to the hands-on experience of Nazli K across online marketing, branding & promotion, timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

consulting and business services

In 2020, Nazli co-founded Feza institute to give quality education to design enthusiastic individuals. Feza institute provides short-term courses and ensures 100% placements too. In 2022, Nazli took her next step of her entrepreneurial journey, Breethink School of Designing. Today, through Breethink, Breethink School of Designing & Feza Institute, Nazli is creating a difference in the industry by giving quality education and helping clients through bespoke solutions.

Nazli is also an avid motorbike stunt rider and president of CRF, an All-India Registered Women Riders Club.